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My First Blog Post!

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Hi all, Tara Spicer here, welcome to my new website and blog! Thank you so much for visiting... I am so excited to show you all my artwork and I hope you are enjoying browsing my website. I have been painting since I was a very young girl and my artwork has continued to change and evolve since then. My first inspiration for art came from watching my mum paint with watercolours during our family skiing trips when I was young and since then my love and inspiration for art has only grown. I have always felt that I belong in a world more colourful and exciting and through my paintings I get to become apart of that world. So as you wander through my website, make sure to soak up every detail as you walk through a world of my own imagination. Thank you so much for stopping by to appreciate my works and I hope that you receive all of the love and joy that I put into my art!


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