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Tara Spicer Art offers many shipping and delivery options including rolled canvas artworks and framed canvas artworks as well as additional custom-framing options. Photographic artworks can be printed onto glass or metal or any other material negotiated by the artist. Artworks can also be picked up from the artist's studio or from any of the associated galleries. Note: shipping costs vary greatly according to your location and the weight and material of the product. Please contact the artist if you have any questions or concerns.


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Commissioning an artwork means you get to decide what goes into the art and personalise it to your taste. If you like Tara's previous works and enjoy her her style of work but have some ideas of your own, please feel free to contact the artist. You can contact her via phone, email or social media and she will talk through your ideas and give you some pricing options.



Almost all of our prints can be ordered in custom sizes so that you can print them as big or as small as you want. Because not all of our pieces can be made custom we recommend that you discuss sizing options with the artist. If you see a print that you love and would like in a different size, please contact the artist via email, phone or social media.



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