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A Drop Of Enchantment



A Drop Of Enchantment

75cm x 100cm

Oil on Raw Gallery Linen


Invite the wonder of Alice into your space... make every day an 'un-birthday'. Tell her your worries and your cares, share with her your fantasies over a cup of tea! A Drop of Enchantment, will bring exactly that, into your home.... enchantment.


This artwork celebrates the Underland of Alice, all it’s chaos and the normality of such feelings and experiences. What a delight to ‘be’ in a state of mind that celebrates the unusual, the wonderful and allows it to fully bloom. To see the world in such a way is a gift that some are born with and a skill that others must develop if they are truly to feel as though this world is meant for them and that they can find a home here. Which one are you?



I hope that these works bring warmth and delight into your space and mind.


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