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Afternoon Delight -Cherry Kisses



Original Oil Painting on Raw Gallery Linen

100cm x 100cm x 3.5cm (external frame adds 2.5cmto height and width of work)


Afternoon Delight - Cherry Kisses, is one of 4 pieces in a quirky new series that explores the limitless personality that can be expressed or invoked, through a simple inanimate object, like a balloon dog.


What do you feel when you look into this piece? Excited, amused, embarrassed?


The original piece was a Pink Balloon Dog with a Blue Balloon Dog. I wanted to make sure that I left nobody within our diverse community out, so I have created a range of similar works, in a range of colour combinations, that might in the viewers eye, represent their personal preferences better.


Do feel free to commission a combination that you would like to see, for your own personal reasons!