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Original Oil Painting on Gallery Linen

100cm x 150cm x 4cm

Framed in a white wooden float frame.


On show at Ex Amino Art Gallery, Adeleide from July 2nd 2023.

Pre-Purchase is available and delivery of the work will be arranged at the end of the exhibition in the first week of July 2023.


Barnstorming is part of the 'Young Aviator' Series of works, celebrating the joy and mischief and ambition of young aviators.,, especially those with the kind of free spirit that needs to roam and celebrate a lifestyle where you can move about the globe freely. Sleeping in fields and barns over night, to rise before the sun and the farmer, and be off on your way before anyone detects your presence. That certain kind of freedom, that seems to be quickly disappearing if not already having left our ways


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