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Dog Fighting 101



Dog Fighting 101

Original Oil Painting

Ex Amino Art Gallery

100cm x 100cm

White Wooden Float Frame


On show at Ex Amino Art Gallery, Adeleide from July 2nd 2023.

Pre-Purchase is available and delivery of the work will be arranged at the end of the exhibition in the first week of July 2023.


Part of the 'Young Aviator Series', this new painting aims to capture one's love of the aviation world from a young man's perspective. In this scene, the young man is convening with his dog to learn from an aviation display of dog fighting. 


In my mind, it is unclear weather the young man knows more, or if the dog knows more but either way, the lesson of Dog Fighting has begun.


To me, this painting speaks of the closeness of the relationship between man and his 'best friend' and also of the kinship of those within the aviation community. 


Take to the skies and smiile.



Only 1 left in stock

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