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Flight Class 101 ORIGINAL



Limited edition print of original oil painting.


In a world where there are no limits,

no ladder too high,

no imagination too wild,

let it be there,

where your heart resides.



Flight Class 101 is part of the 'Young Aviator' Series of works, celebrating the joy and mischief and ambition of young aviators. This painting, is a special piece, featuring a young man, in that space between dreaming and actualizing an adventurous life in Aviation! It is also a quick trip back to own time at University, mocking the names given to different subjects that had to be undertaken. This painting also features the Rainbow Bea-eater, which is an exceptional flying machine, who nests in the ground and enters it's nest at very high speeds with great precision. I personally photographed these birds in our local park, to use for reference photos.

Remember this dream, this fun, when time passed so slowly and life felt as if it stretched on for ever and was simply your platform to make awesome a reality!