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High Flyer



High Flyer

Original Oil Painting

91cm x 91cm

White Wooden Float Frame


On show at Ex Amino Art Gallery, Adeleide from July 2nd 2023.

Pre-Purchase is available and delivery of the work will be arranged at the end of the exhibition in the first week of July 2023.


This painting is part of an ongoing theme of mine, 'Sky Travellers'. Through these works, I strive to create a sense of great ease within abnormal circumstances. Like that 'fish out of water' sense but a mastering of this scenario and bringing to it a deep sense of inner strength and lightness of being.


This series features young women, in their own company, strong and determined and with an air of magic. Like they hold within a certain something that will carry them through whatever life throws at them or wherever they choose to go in the world.


I like to bring forth the idea that women hold a magic and wonder and an etheral presence. An intangible quality that gives them a 'lift'.


In this particular painting, the breeze whips the young girls' hair upwards invoking a great sense of one being able to defy gravity or the 'weight of life experience'.



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