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Stand Tall



Original Oil Painting on Raw Gallery Linen

120cm x 120cm



Stand Tall is designed to hand together with 'Wild Child', but also stands well alone.


These two works compliment each other and together symbololide the unification of a wild bunch that jump together. The artist had long conversations about the design of these works with a University Lecturer / War Historian. They spole about the comradery of jumping teams, how many members, the necessity of meeting and moving as a unit.


From these conversations came the fond appreciation of the celebratory 'in the air, fist punches' of these little toys. This gesture seemed really appropriate but also a symbolic suggestion of a more child like and light hearted celebration of the joys of sky diving as opposed to the suggestion of a war like environment.


The artist also took great joy in creating the plastic feel of the toys, in the hope of rekindling happy memories of playing with such toys as a cild by the viewer.



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