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Summer Fling



Summer Fling

Oil on Gallery Linen

100cm x 100cm x 3cm


Summer Fling, is a beautifully crafted Oil painting to Raw Linen. This piece celebrates a love of Summer, of being immersed in the calming hues of tropical blue waters. This work is created intentionally slightly out of focus, with the beautiful weave of linen being an intimate part of the end result. With this, the artist really wanted to create a tangibly immersive and tactile feeling to the painting. To create a work, where you can more easily see your own image captured and reflected within the 'moment' of 'being' within soul recharging waters.

This artwork comes to you framed in either Australian Oak, White or Black, wooden float frame. If you would prefer to choose your own framing, please contact the artist for a different quote.


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