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Wading, Not Waiting



Original Oil Painting to Gallery Cotton

100cm x 100cm

White Wooden Float Frame


On show at Ex Amino Art Gallery, Adeleide from July 2nd 2023.

Pre-Purchase is available and delivery of the work will be arranged at the end of the exhibition in the first week of July 2023.


It is difficult for me to offer you a statement about what this particular painting is about, or my intention in its’ creation, as in my creative process I do not start with a plan. Rather, the image comes to me fully formed and I simply do my best in bringing the image in my mind, to life on the canvas.

But what I can offer you is my own interpretation of the impact that this particular work has on me when I am in its’ presence. I would ask that you spend a moment, considering your own, personal interpretation, in your own time.

This particular painting is very personal to me. This is an image of my daughter, dressed in her finest, making her way into the deep of a river. I dragged her out of bed at 4am one morning to drive her to the beach for the photoshoot, to try to capture a photo to work from that was as close the original ‘flash inspiration’ that had come to me in the night (oh the pitfalls of being an artists’ daughter!). The photo shoot took ages as every time the cool river waters touched her skin, she would giggle so much that I couldn’t take the photo… the sun would move and so would the light, so then I would have to move her to new depths for the right light, and again she would giggle!. This is how the morning went.

When observing the finished painting, the first words that came to mind were ‘Waving, Not Drowning”. A concept that I love and have been drawn back to time and again over the years. But this piece called for something a little different, so I settled on Wading, Not Waiting. To me this piece is about a young girl, who in her own mind is ever so grown up, heading out into the depths of life and absolutely dressed for the occasion. She is moving towards her chosen heading, with determined delight… she is not waiting. She has everything she needs.

I like the sense of cognitive dissonance in this scene, with her sense of purpose and readiness, despite her young age.

This piece also reminds me of myself, as a young kid and even a young adult, with that ineffable sense of confidence and whimsy. That inner knowing that ultimately, everything is fine… if not great!

I love that feeling, I miss that feeling.