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Wild Hearts' Will



Original Oil Painting on Raw Gallery Linen

120cm x 120cm


This artwork was created as a celebration of that aspect of certain young women who a self-assured, self-contained, independent with a dash of attitude.


The design of this image was based on the likes of Amelia Earhart and other female pioneers in the field of aviation as well as a book titled 'The Bridge Across Forever'.


The denim was a pure delight to paint as were every element that makes up this beautiful young lady that posed for the artist.


This young lady herself is currently readying to fly the coup and make a homebase and an adventure abroad, so the whole experience was quite fitting!


This piece is a celebration in many ways. It is a celebration of the young woman featured, as well as of the artist herself as her own family grows and matures, as well as the changes that are still unfolding for females the world over, whether it be progress or the global, sad, recognition of the opposite, depending on where you might reside.


Fly baby, fly!


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