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Young Aviator YELLOW PLANE



Young Aviator YELLOW PLANE

Original oil Painting

101.5cm x 76cm

White Wooden Float Frame


On show at Ex Amino Art Gallery, Adeleide from July 2nd 2023.

Pre-Purchase is available and delivery of the work will be arranged at the end of the exhibition in the first week of July 2023.


A new painting from the 'Young Aviator Series'. I created this painting in the hopes of re-connecting the young mind within us, with our untethered hopes and dreams. To re-ignite that sense of 'anything is possible'.


This particular version of the Young Aviator speaks of reaching great heights, of living with a 'lightness of being' and a youthfull energy and boundless drive.


The yellow plane, to me, reminds me of that deep red used on Tonka Truck toys when I was younger. It brings back fond memories of toy cars, planes, helicopters and for some reason fire-crackers! Remember when we wre allowed to light them ourselves :-)


Young Aviator YELLOW PLANE, unconsciously refers to the golden, rising sun... the beginning of this era or the re-emergence of this era.


The brother work to this one, RED PLANE unconsciously speaks more to setting sun, end of an era.