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2023 Wrap Up of Tara Spicer Art

Hello and welcome to my undeniably valued investors, collectors and Galleries.

Without you, I am just a woman, painting quirky pictures and refining my painting techniques hour after hour, year after year, alone in a room.

My sanity hinges on the support from my family, Galleries and the company and conversations held with my 2 studio dogs.

Sales, Commissions and Competitions:

2023 Exhibitions:

2023 Gallery Sales:


'Deep Respite' was selected as a finalist in the Caloundra Regional Gallery "Local Artists - Local Content Art Prize" and sold soon after.


A little bit of Australiana mixed with Alice In Wonderland, this incredible painting is filled with delight at every turn! I am sure that the clients who commissioned this incredible piece will be finding new things hiding within the painting for years to come.

See my Fine Art Paintings in the real world:

In 2023,Tara Spicer gallery representation grew to Australia-wide (almost)!

Except for the NT - where paint is probably just melting off the canvas currently due to Australian summer temperatures and the ACT (I mean, does anything exciting happen in the ACT?).

With a full brush of gratitude to the Galleries who have welcomed me aboard, you can now see my works in:

QLD - Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane. 136 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington.

NSW - Traffic Jam Galleries, Sydney. 41 Military Rd. Neutral Bay.

SA - Ex Animo Art, Adelaide. 134 King William Rd. Goodwood.

WA - Applecross, Perth. 4/30 Ardross St. Applecross.

Please do pop in and say hi to the Gallery owners if you are in the area. Each of them are a very special crew and I have hand picked them for their genuine integrity and positivity.

Website Upgrade

2023 was a brave time for me, investing in a full website rebuild and NEW facebook account!

Please do pop over and check it out if you can as I am very happy with the look and feel of the new site. You may even see me there, still mopping up the blood, sweat and tears that helped build it!

Fine Art Limited Edition Prints will be back soon under a new link,,, Don't Panic!

If you missed some of the Gallery openings in 2023, there are still available a couple of new and precious Oil Paintings to delight your brain and your soul.

New Website:

 New Facebook:

Please follow the link and follow the page if you are on facebook.

Looking back / looking forward

Thankyou for a fabulous year! Looking back, it seemed to be a year of Blue works that sold, literally every painting that sold was mainly blue... wait, what?

Did you miss out on something that you loved?

How does the new website feel for you?

Are you inspired to book a commission? We can do it.

Please do leave a comment and let me know if there is more or different quandaries that you would like to hear about :-)

Much love,

Tara Spicer


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